StromTech Sweden AB develops chemical and microbiological monitoring technologies. The concentrations o various substances/pathogens are determined over time. The technology is primarily used in the process industry and for environmental monitoring, but plays an increasingly important role in the healthcare sector (E-health). Other potential application areas are the working environment and indoor climate, where very low levels of substances in the air can still cause health problems, due to long exposure times.

StromTech has since the company was founded in 2018 been focusing on the development of the environmental robot Ebbot, which performs sensor-controlled sampling and which can both be logged and remotely controlled.

Ebbot is launched
The robot was launched on the may of fourth 2019 and a limited serial production has started. In june three Ebbots will be ready for work in sweden.

The new technology becomes available as an environmental monitoring service in sweden that you book when needed. No purchase of equipment no maintenance and no practical handling and only environmental data to you directly over the area you would like to monitor. The intended use is studies of the flows of substances in soil, air and water. You can for example be able to measure diffuse nutrient leakage from arable land or monitor sewage and wells in real time so that measures can be taken and the environment can be protected.

Gaston is launched

The robot for gases was launched in december 2023 and a limited serial production has started. A facinating technology creating chemical response maps on the go and verifying thousands of compounds through its sampling capability and ATD-GC-MS. Adapt the sensors for your application. Contact us for more info!

Unfortunately, StromTech is not yet able to distribute any services outside sweden